Why the Appearance of Your Fitting Room Matters

Fitting Room

The most important conversion and at the same time the least serviced area in apparel retail is the fitting room. This is where the vast majority of customers make the decision to buy. Conversely, shoppers who merely look at the clothing you have on stock and who don’t go to your fitting room are far less likely to purchase your products. This is the main reason why an attractive and comfortable fitting room is important. In this post, we’ll explain more about why fitting rooms matter more than you may think and how you can turn attractive dressing rooms into profits.

Your fitting room will confirm to the customer what he/she believes about the clothing that they are about to purchase. Here they will have visual confirmation that they are making the right choice. If you optimize this area of your store by making it as attractive and functional as possible, you will be improving customer experience.

Fitting Room Mistakes that Could be Negatively Impacting Sales

The first step towards correcting fitting room design mistakes that could be hurting sales is to recognize what they are. Here are a few common mistakes that many businesses make in this area.

  • Too few mirrors – Your fitting room should have at least two mirrors so that they can see themselves from different angles.
  • Too little space – Your customers should not feel boxed in when trying on clothing. Give them space to move around.
  • No seating in the room – Your patrons will not feel comfortable if they are unable to be seated. They may even cut short their fitting room visit.
  • No or not enough hangers for clothing: Not enough hangers may force your patrons to place your items on the last place you want them to – on the floor.
  • Inattentive salespersons: Your salespeople should not wander off when customers are trying on clothing. Patrons do not like to be ignored. Also, they may still need your assistance.

We make attractive fitting room doors as well as restroom doors and restaurant doors that will complement the décor of your business and add to the overall customer experience. They will let the customer know that you care about every detail of your establishment from how it looks to how customers will be treated.