What is the Best Wooden Door for Your Business?

Best Wooden Door

If you have chosen to use wooden doors for your business then let us congratulate you. You have made a wise choice. Wooden doors are both stylish and practical and can add to the appeal of your business whether they be exterior doors or interior ones. If you are contemplating using wood doors for your business then you are currently facing a wide range of selections that you must wrestle with. Rest assured. We can help you. In this post, we help you learn about the different types of wooden doors for commercial use and which one may be the right fit for your firm!

Wood Door Types

When it comes to the different types of wooden doors, you should consider the following styles:

  • Battened and ledged doors: Battened and ledged doors are among the most traditional kinds of wood doors. They are often seen on storage and tool sheds but they are quite acceptable to use for commercial use. They consist of three vertical ledges and two diagonal braces. This design makes them stable and the perfect option for external doors and narrow openings.
  • Wooden Dutch doors: Dutch doors have a split look, offering users the ability to only open the top half without unlatching the bottom half. They are perfect for small offices in that they allow employees to share documents without opening the entire door.
  • Bifold doors style: Bifold doors work great for the hotel industry and restaurants.
  • Wooden French: Wooden French doors make excellent exterior doors. Their design allows in plenty of light which can add warmth to your business.
  • Paneled doors: Paneled doors are great for covering narrow openings. For wider openings, you can use a double leaf design instead.
  • Laminated core flush doors: These are solid doors that use fine-grain patterns of wood veneer. They are quite effective for both exterior and interior usage.
  • Hollow-core doors as interior doors: Hollow-core doors are traditionally used for interior doors. They are composed of a honeycomb cardboard core with a thin layer of wood around it. They are affordable, easy to install and light.
  • Wooden louvered doors: Finally, we have louvered doors. This style offers ventilation and privacy at the same time. They are mostly used for interior applications such as for changing room doors and restroom doors.

Hopefully the above information will help make your task of choosing the best door for your business easier. Commercial door installation services are the best for people who can offer you splendid choices as per the nature of your business. Let us help by providing you with a well-crafted and beautiful wood door that you will use for decades.