Top 5 Ways to Improve Your Front Door Security

Front Door Security

The front door to your commercial establishment is one of the most common points of entry for intruders so securing it is vital. It not only protects your property, it also makes customers feel more secure and this enables them to enjoy themselves fully while at your establishment. Read on to learn about five front door security tips for your commercial property. They’ll secure any size property making guests feel safer and leading to increased business success.

  • Make sure the door itself is sturdy: Make sure that you have a solid door that is made of excellent materials. This is critical as even metal doors, which are thought to be the sturdiest kinds of door that you can have, can be vulnerable if they are hollow or made of cheap materials. Wood doors can be just as sturdy and also aesthetically pleasing.
  • Make sure that all your hardware is functional: A sturdy door is no good if the knob or hinges are defective. Therefore, check all the hardware for your door to make sure that it is not the weak point in your efforts to secure your business.
  • Improve the outdoor lighting: Criminals thrive in dark spaces because a lack of good lighting allows them to hide their identities and their illegal acts. On the other hand, customers do not like frequenting businesses that have poor exterior lighting. It makes them feel vulnerable. Therefore, you should invest in good outdoor lighting for your establishment.
  • Invest in a surveillance system: Beyond having good lighting, consider investing in a good surveillance system which includes cameras, motion detectors, alarms and keypads. Potential criminals are less likely to commit a crime if they see abundant security cameras.
  • Invest in strong door locks: Unfortunately, the criminals of today are quite handy when it comes to breaking into commercial properties and as we said earlier, a door is only as good as the lock that secures it. Therefore, you should make the wise decision to invest in door locks. Combination locks can be especially effective in stopping front door break-ins.

If your doors are old and/or defective, then it’s time to replace them with new doors that are attractive, sturdy and energy-efficient. We sell residential and commercial doors. We sell restaurant doors and fitting room doors and even cabinets. Contact us through our site or by phone. We’ll be happy to show you some of our excellent door options and answer any questions you may have.