Tips for Preventing Doors from Warping

Warping can happen to almost any kind of door, interior and exterior, solid, hollow or raised-panel doors. This fact is even true of new doors but it is especially true of older doors. Here you’ll learn about the potential causes and ways you can prevent doors from warping.

What is wood warping?

Wood warping is a deformity that can occur in all kinds of wood when different parts of the wood do not change uniformly. For example, if one part of the wood dries faster than another part it may shrink relative to other parts of the door. Warping is something that manufactures and sellers of wood take measures to prevent and usually occurs after the finished product reaches customers. Once a door is severely warped your best option is to replace it. However, if the door is not badly warped it can be fixed by a carpenter.

Door Warping: The Cause Behind It

The simple answer is that wood warps due to uneven drying of the wood fibers contained therein. Some woods have higher moisture content than other kinds of woods and are therefore more susceptible to warping. Exterior moisture levels also can contribute cause wood to warp. A final factor that can cause a wood door to warp is when it has been finished on only one side or when it has different finishes on each side.

How to Prevent Exterior Doors from Warping

Exterior doors are particularly prone to warping as it is much harder to control environmental conditions surround these kinds of doors. However, there are some things you can do in general to prevent the warping of both interior and exterior doors.

Preventing Doors from Warping
  • Control the moisture content: Use a dehumidifier to control the moisture content of your establishment since moisture is the key cause of wood warping.front door
  • Polish your door regularly
  • Use a sealant to protect your door: A sealant will keep moisture from affecting the condition of your door. It is especially critical that you use a polyurethane sealant on exterior doors as they are the most vulnerable to environmental conditions.
  • Choose a wood known to be weather resistant: White Oak and Teak are two kinds of naturally water resistant woods. They are also resistant to decay, cracking, or twisting and require less maintenance than other kinds of woods.

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