Tips for Cleaning Wood Doors

Cleaning Wood Doors

For obvious reasons, we have all become obsessed with cleanliness. This is particularly important when it comes to high contact objects such as doors. So that you can have a more attractive and sanitary door, here is our cleaning guide for this part of your home or business.

  • Step 1: Dust away any surface debris such as dust, cobwebs, dirt, etc. Since most people don’t tend to think much about doors when they perform household cleaning, there is bound to be much here. Purchase a microfiber duster and go over all sides of the door. You may also wish to wear a face mask and/or eye goggles if your door is very dirty. Note: Exterior doors are often the dirtiest.
  • Step 2: Clean dust from molding and trim on both sides of the door. Dust and pollen particles have a way of hiding in small cracks and other areas. Take a paintbrush and wipe the molding and trim of your door. Finally, wipe away loose particles with a duster.
  • Step 3: Use mild dish soap. If your doors are not very dirty then mild dish soap mixed with hot water might just do the trick. Use a nonabrasive sponge and hot water to go over the surface of the wood.
  • Step 4: Clean the knob. This is obviously the highest contact area for all doors and is usually the easiest to sanitize. Use a strong sanitizer to go over the knob on both sides.
  • Step 5: Clean the hardware: So that your door remains both functional and attractive, you may wish to take some time to inspect and care for the hardware that keeps it in place e.g., the hinges. Take some WD-40 and spray it onto the hardware parts of your door. Next, wipe away the excess oil with a rag.
  • Step 6: This part is optional – Sand and repaint the door. This is only if you wish to revitalize your door completely. You may also consider replacing your door if it is warped or otherwise damaged since it is likely to be a vector for germs.

Finally, although wood is very difficult to completely sanitize wood since it is a porous surface, one can never be too careful these days. We sell new, commercial doors and True Divided Lite Doors that are sturdy and easily cleaned giving your family some peace of mind in our uncertain times.