The Advantages of Wood Doors

Somewhere in the modern age of steel, iron and metal alloys people have forgotten about the virtues of one of society’s oldest building materials – wood. People have forgotten that as a building material wood can be as secure and reliable as any metal. They reason that if our most technologically advanced devices such as our cars, smart phones, and TVs do not contain this quaint material they cannot hope to compete with other materials. Well, we at Combination Door have not forgotten the many strengths that this oldest of building materials has. Here are some of the advantages of having a wood door over doors made of other materials.

  • Wood doors are aesthetically versatile: Doors made of metal can be rather sterile in appearance. Wood doors, on the other hand, can be styled with various designs and patterns. They can add a touch of elegance and class to any room they adorn. An ornately crafted exterior door can even serve the duel function of keeping your family safe from the elements and from intruders and it can increase your home’s curb appeal.
  • Wood doors can be painted any color: Generally, fiberglass and steel doors come in a very limited variety of colors. With wood doors there are no color limits. Therefore, you can easily and quickly accessorize your door to match your home, its interior rooms, etc should you choose.
  • Wood doors are durable: Built by the right craftsmen and properly maintained, wood doors can be every bit as durable as doors made of fiberglass or other materials. This may sound counter intuitive but it is true. There is one caveat, however. In order to remain at their most durable, wood doors should be stained and finished on a regular basis.
  • Wood doors provide good insulation: In spite of what some people would have you believe, wood doors can keep heat and cold from entering your home thereby reducing your utility bills. Again, this is only if they are properly maintained to keep them from developing cracks, sags, etc.

In short, wood still has its virtues as a building material. That is something that we have not forgotten. We know the importance and beauty that wood doors provide to your home on the inside and out. However, wood is more than an adornment. It is a safe, practical material from which many kinds of doors can be crafted.