Signs your Commercial Doors May Need to be Replaced

People don’t generally spend a lot of time thinking about doors, and as a result, they’re often taken for granted. However, if you are a business owner you know that overlooking even the minutest detail of your business can come back to haunt you. Thus, the doors to your establishment should be as efficient, functional and attractive as any other aspect of your business. With that in mind, here are five signs that it may be time to replace the doors in your business.

  • Your doors are difficult to open and close: If a door is a struggle to open or close it may be time to replace it. It may also be a hardware problem such as sinking hinges, etc. Either way, a door that won’t close or open or one that closes and opens with difficulty is not acceptable especially for commercial doors. If the problem with your door goes beyond a faulty hinge, call us and get an estimate on how much a replacement door will cost.
  • Light comes through the doors: If you can see light seeping through, under, between or around the edges of your doors this is the sign of a poor fit. These signs mean that air is escaping through your door causing. This will in turn cause your heating bills to rise. (This is especially true for exterior doors.) Don’t solve the problem by weather stripping. Purchase a new, properly fitting door.
  • Visible cracks: Visible cracks in your door should prompt you to quickly seek a replacement door. Cracks in the surface of your door not only let air escape, they also let in bugs from the outside. Moreover, cracks indicate that the door is structurally weak and this can endanger the safety of you and your patrons. door
  • Your door scrapes along the floor: Old doors can warp and sag as environmental conditions around it e.g., heat, humidity, etc. changes their shape. If this occurs, if may be time to purchase a new door since this kind of scraping can also damage your flooring.
  • Dings, dents and cracks: Dings and other kinds of damage are not only unsightly, they will also compromise the integrity of your door(s) eventually. And no customer will feel confident behind a fitting room that is in such condition.

If your doors are exhibiting any of the signs above, then it’s time to replace them with new doors that are attractive and energy-efficient. We sell residential and commercial doors. We sell restaurant doors and fitting room doors and even cabinets. Contact us through our site or by phone. We’ll be happy to show you some of our excellent door options and answer any questions you may have.