Reasons Interior Doors Sometimes Fail to Close

It’s frustrating. You close the door after entering or leaving a room, try to shut the door and it happens again. The door simply won’t close. You try and try again and still nothing. Most of us have gone through this experience and know that it can be exasperating and that it can negatively impact heating and cooling costs. Well, don’t pull your hair out yet. Here are 4 common interior door problems and possible solutions:

  • Damaged or misaligned hinges: Doors go through quite a bit over their lifetime. They are constantly swung open and closed and sometimes slammed shut when people are angry. This is bound to cause the hinges to be damaged. Sometimes the problem with the hinges can be quite simple as can the solution. The screws that hold the hinge in place can sometimes loosen causing the door to sag. This means that the door may scrape the frame when you are closing it. When this is the problem the solution is simply to tighten the screws that are holding the hinges in place. Another reason a door may not close properly is that its foundation may be unstable. You may need to hire a professional to correct misalignment of this type or you may even need to consider replacement commercial doors.
  • Faulty interior door latch: When a door pulls open even when you shut it or it grinds against the latch strike plate, you may have a faulty latch. Sometimes simply tightening the screws will help but sometimes a new door may be needed.
  • Warped door: Wood doors sometimes warp and change size due to excessive humidity. This will invariably prevent them from fully closing. If this is the case you may need a replacement door.
  • Warped or damaged frame: If you’ve checked the above causes and your door still won’t close, you may have a damaged or warped frame. In this case, you may need a contractor to correct the issue. Sometimes, doors are simply installed incorrectly in the first place. door

Yes, doors go through quite a bit of wear and tear over their lifetime. This can lead to some very embarrassing and inconvenient situations especially when it comes to apparel doors and fitting room doors. However, a good way to head off many of these problems is by purchasing a quality made door from the beginning and having it professionally installed by someone who pays attention to every detail.