More Tips for Preventing Mold from Damaging Your Wood Doors

Given the right conditions, like warmth and moisture, mold can form on any number of substances all year round. However, because mold can be especially challenging to remove from wood, the best strategy is to prevent its growth in the first place. Here are tips for preventing mold from forming on your interior wood doors.

  • Identify problem areas in your business: As we said, mold can form anywhere throughout homes and businesses. And while you can never completely mold-proof your business, you can identify problem areas with the goal of making your establishment mold-resistant. Find out the conditions under which mold grows to find out which areas of your business are most susceptible.
  • Dry wet areas immediately: Mold requires moisture in order to grow. Therefore, you should quickly dry spills, leaks, etc. wherever they are throughout your business.
  • Control moisture levels in your business: Use AC and dehumidifiers in your establishment to control moistures levels. The less humidity that is present, the less likely mold will begin to form particularly on your wood furnishings.
  • Improve airflow in your business: Aside from creating a pleasant environment for your patrons, improving the airflow in your establishment can help control moisture levels. Low moisture levels starve mold.
  • Fix plumbing leaks and seepage: Repair leaky pipes as they can increase moisture levels in your establishment as well as increase your water bills. Consider replacing pipes that are old and damaged as this will save you money in the long run.wood doors

Removing Wood from Mold

There are several ways to remove wood from mold once it has set in. The easiest way is to hire a mold remediation company to assess and remove mold from your entire establishment. Or you can try DIY cleaners such as vodka, distilled vinegar or bleach. Just be sure to dilute the bleach in water and dish soap and to use rubber gloves to protect your hands, a goggle to protect your eyes and a mask to keep from inhaling the spores. Finally, you may even need to sand off wood furniture in areas where mold is difficult to remove.

Yes, you can protect your wood doors and your establishment from the scourge of mold all year round. We sell sturdy commercial doors that hold up to the changes in the weather and that secure your business. Call us about all the products we sell including our fitting room doors.