More Simple and Creative Ideas on How to Repurpose an Old Door

Repurpose an Old Door

You can take a worn or used door and create a new look with a little bit of paint, some elbow grease and creativity. Indeed, you can count repurposing your door among the DIY projects you can try while you are in quarantine. You can even incorporate new elements like a rustic door knob or sliding door hardware in brass or copper. There are plenty of cool, charming and creative old door projects you can undertake. And we’ve got them right here for you!

  • Turn an old door into a shelf: You can take advantage of the vertical space in your home by using an old door to create an artistic yet completely functional shelf. To make it even more attractive- and functional – try painting it. Next, remove the panels and there you have it – a shelf that you can lean against the wall of your living room and decorate with books, plants or anything else that will fit.
  • Make a bench from an old door: Take an old door and make a fashionable and functional bench out if it. You can use it as a place to rest or a place for your family to put their items such as bags, shoes, etc.
  • Turn an old door into a hanging outdoor tabletop: Try this one: Suspend an oversized door from a tree using sturdy rope to create an outdoor picnic table. You can also use this to place outdoor items upon it such as gardening tools etc., while you work in your yard.
  • Turn an old door into an entertainment console: Cut in the proper manner, an old door can serve as a large entertainment console capable of supporting a TV, speakers, a game console, etc. You can learn how to do this by visiting this link:
  • Turn an old door into a floor mirror: Paint your old door, affix a floor-length mirror to it and lean it against one of the walls in your home. Your guests will instantly notice how unique and appealing this looks and will congratulate you on your creativity.

The lesson here is that you do not always have to throw old things away. Repurpose them when you can. Use one of the ideas above or come up with one of your own creative uses for that old door. The possibilities are limitless. When you are ready to replace that old door, look at the true divided lite doors and the custom flat panel doors on our site.