Homeowner Tips: How to Insulate Your Three Season Porch

Three Season Porch

Part 2

In a previous post we talked about how you can make your three season room warm and comfy throughout the winter months. We talked about adding various heat sources to accomplish this as well as how carpeting helps trap in the heat that is already present. In our continued efforts to educate homeowners, we will explain how insulation may be your best route to making sure your three season room remains comfortable this winter.

As alluded to in our August post on 3 season rooms, retaining the heat that is already present in such rooms is just as important as creating new heat sources. This is where insulation comes in. Placing a heat source or two in your 3 or 4 season room compliments the act of insulating the room. After all, it makes no sense to install a heat source in this room if the heat is not going to be retained there.

  • Insulate the floor – Every room has floors, ceilings and walls.Therefore, it is important not to neglect any part of the room you are trying to insulate. For insulating the floor, you consider installing a thick carpet. (A shag carpet will give you maximum floor insulation.) The good thing about doing this is that carpet installation is not that difficult. If you are even somewhat handy this can be a DIY project.
  • Insulate the ceiling and walls – Insulating your ceiling and walls of your three season room is bound to be more complicated since cutting into the walls is involved. In most cases, the ceiling is drywall or wood, so sections would be cut in the ceiling so the foam can be sprayed on the underside of the roof. Unless you are very handy with home improvement projects, you will need a contractor.

Quick Tips for Locking in the Heat

So that winter drafts will not make the room too cold to use, here are some quick tips for keeping and storing the heat that is generated in your three or four season room.

  • Securely close and lock all windows.
  • Replace worn weather stripping.
  • Fill any cracks around windows and doors.
  • Cover your windows and unused doors with plastic.
  • Place draft stoppers along the bottom of doors

This is the conclusion on our two part series on keeping your 3 or 4 season room comfy during the upcoming winter months. We can provide you with a three-season porch so that you can rest in comfort from the outside world. We can also create doors in the style of the 1800s to add a bit of old world charm to this space that you can call your retreat. Moreover, our doors come in a variety of designs. (We have not forgotten the importance of aesthetics.) Our site is filled with examples of how these doors and this space can look. We also sell restaurant doors and restroom doors for businesses as well as wood screen doors for your home’s exterior.