Common Door Problems and How to Fix Them

Door Problems

One of the most annoying issues that can sometimes arise with doors is when they do not behave in the way they should. We are referring to doors that do not close all the way if at all, ones that are misaligned in some way, ones that stick and will not open, etc. Below, we address some common interior door problems and possible solutions. Note: If you are having problems with several doors in your establishment that are not able to close you may have a foundation problem. In this case, you should consult a professional contractor.

  • Door not latching properly: This is a very simple problem to fix as it is usually a hardware issue rather than a problem with the door itself. To resolve this issue, you will need to lean down until you are eye-level with the doorknob. This will give you the best view of the hardware. Next, you will have to replace the hardware itself. The tools required to do this are a chisel, a screwdriver and some sandpaper.
  • The door springs open gently after you close it: A door that springs open can have several potential causes. First, the hinges may not be correctly positioned. Second, the door may not be closing before it hits the doorstop. Finally, it may not have enough clearance room at the bottom.
  • Sticking doors or doors that won’t close: This problem can not only be frustrating, it can also be quite the money waster. To fix a door that sticks or rubs in the frame, you can try one of these fixes: (A) Tighten the screw, (B) Add longer screws, (C) Add a shim behind a lower hinge.
  • Door scraping on the floor: A door that rubs on the floor or carpet is not only annoying, but it can scratch your floors. You will need to remove the door and sand the bottom to fix this problem.

Ultimately, these tips should help whether you are having trouble with retail doors, changing room doors or any other kind of door. As we said, it is best to have professionals examine the problem if you are having problems with more than one door in your establishment. It may also be time for replacement doors. Contact us about our durable and attractive products.