Choosing a Color for Your Door

Color for Your Door

One of the best things about our doors – be they restaurant doors or True Divided Lite Doors – is that they are easily customizable with a simple paint job. After all, if you purchase one of our doors it will be yours not ours. Thus, they should look the way you want them to look. However, while painting a door is not exactly rocket science, it can be a challenge to determine what color you will use. Follow these five tips to choose the shade that helps your home make a stunning first impression on visitors and passersby.

  • Consider the surrounding exterior: When choosing a door color you should consider the style of home it is as well its siding, fences and even the color scheme inside your home. For example, if you live in a cottage, colonial or vintage Victorian style home you may wish to choose a warm color that accentuates its beauty. Black, navy, or dark red would pair well with these styles of architecture. As an alternative to these colors, you may even wish to forgo painting certain doors in your home in favor of a rustic, natural wood look.
  • Use swatches: Test out how various colors will look on your door without applying a single coat of paint to it by using swatches. Using a swatch to determine which color you will eventually choose will keep you from having to repaint your door if you make a choice that does not satisfy you.
  • Try a bright color to contrast with neutral shades: By using a bright, vibrant color to contrast a home that is otherwise painted with a neutral color, you will make the doors to your home pop.
  • Use design software: Home design software can give you advanced 3D modeling tools so that you can see what your home will look like in a variety of styles without purchasing a single can of paint. Moreover, some software even gives you access to online forums where you can get home design advice and consult with experts. door
  • Purchase the right paint: If you will be painting an exterior door to your home you will need to purchase paint that can withstand the elements. Latex exterior paints are a good option for weatherproofing and coloring doors. Just remember to go over the door first with a good quality primer.

Yes, with these tips the choice of door color should be a bit easier. Just know that an eye-catching door color along with a high quality door can add value to your home and make it a thing to be admired for years to come.