Benefits of Having a Storm Door or Screen Door Installed

We encounter people who have, to our amazement, never had a storm door on their homes. Only when we extol the advantages of having a storm door installed over their exterior door do they realize what a wise choice such an option is. For storm doors serve many practical purposes. They go beyond mere adornment and actually help home owners in many key ways. Here are just a few advantages of having a storm door installed onto your home.

  • Storm doors protect the main exterior door: No doubt your exterior door was more expensive than any screen door or storm door will be. Storm doors protect this important investment in your home from stains, debris, insects, etc. In the end, this reduces maintenance cost for your exterior door and extends its life by years.
  • Storm doors reduce energy costs: Even energy efficient exterior doors can often use extra protection from a solidly built, wood storm door. In fact, according to the Department of Energy, such doors can reduce heat loss in a home by as much as 50%. One note of caution: Glass storm doors can trap the sun’s ultraviolet rays creating a greenhouse effect between them and your exterior door. This excess heat can damage the wood and paint on your main door.
  • Storm doors provide additional security: Your exterior door is your first line of protection against the dangers present in the outside world. Studies have found that burglars are often discouraged by this additional layer of protection.
  • Wood screen doors keep insects out: We’ve all been there. It is a bright, lovely day and you want to enjoy all that nature has to offer. However, that does not include bees, flies, mosquitoes and other critters. The screen inserts in our wood doors help protect you from insects while making it possible for you to enjoy a nice, cool breeze in your home.screen door
  • Storm doors increase your home’s value: Any permanent addition to your home has the potential of increasing its value and curb appeal. Our storm and screen doors are practical and attractively designed.

We love nothing more than educating people on how practical, enduring and beautiful our doors are. We take the time and effort to design exterior and interior doors that will last for decades.