6 DIY Christmas Front Door Decoration Ideas

Christmas Front Door Decoration

There’s really no better excuse to spruce up your door with some fancy decorations than the holiday season. We are talking about more than just traditional Christmas door hangings, Christmas door displays, and Christmas wreaths. We are talking about some truly creative ideas that will make your home or business look truly festive. Give your door a makeover this season with these six Christmas door decorating ideas.

  • A skating themed entrance: Take an old pair of ice skates that you no longer want and affix them to your door creating a theme that goes beyond the traditional wreath and Christmas ornaments that your neighbors will no doubt have on their doors. Round out this theme with a fluffy pom-pom “snowball” and mini silver ornaments.
  • Snowball wreath: Styrofoam balls are very cheap and as it so happens they closely resemble actual snowballs. Add some whimsy to your home or place of business by applying these balls to a wreath using hot glue. When the glue has dried attach the wreath to your door using wire.
  • Trapped Santa: If you have a truly unique sense of humor and really wish to add whimsy to your door decoration, try attaching the half-body of Santa to your door. Surrounding him, you can also hang some stockings and wreaths to complete the look.
  • DIY ribbon door: One quick and easy door idea is to attach one large ribbon to your door vertically and another horizontally to make it appear to be an unopened present itself. Go one step further by beautifying it with a silver burlap ribbon in the middle.
  • Peppermint wreath: Instead of a traditional evergreen wreath, paint peppermint stripes on rounds and balls with red craft paint. This eye-catching design will also make your home or business stand out from traditional holiday wreaths.
  • Christmas fireplace door theme: Add warmth and coziness to your front entrance by decorating your entrance to resemble a fireplace complete with stockings hung with care and a traditional evergreen wreath.

When it comes to decorating the door or inside your establishment you are only limited by your imagination. So, try something different to set yourself apart from other business and homeowners this year. Shop our site for examples of our true divided lite doors and our custom flat panel doors.