5 Creative Uses for an Old Door

Restoring salvaged items is one of the most environmentally sound things that a homeowner can do. Plus, there is always the challenge of just how to put older items to new use so that they continue to serve a functional purpose around the home. One of the easiest items to refurbish is that old door that you were about to replace anyway. Why throw it away? Why not put it to new use around your home? These creative uses for an old door prove that doors can do more than just hang on hinges in a door frame.

  • Turn it into a coffee table: That raggedly, old door could infuse your home with some folksy charm as a DIY coffee table. Sure it may seem a bit quirky, but an old door can serve as a wonderful coffee table and it will certainly be a conversation piece among your friends. All that is needed is a little carpentry knowledge and the addition of some spindle-style legs.
  • Create a corner shelf: According to many home decor experts, ceilings and corners are two of the most wasted spaces in most homes. Utilize the corner space in your home by cutting and old door in half and wedging it into the corner. From there it is a simple matter of constructing shelves to hold books, ornaments, trophies or whatever else you desire.wooden door
  • Picture a photo wall: If you have an old door with multiple panes then why not use it as a photo wall? Just adhere your favorite family photos behind each window and there you have it. Afterwards it is a matter of where to place your wall of memories.
  • Turn it into an end table: Remodel your hallway or living room with as many as four end tables fashioned from your old door. Style them with flowers and books and create a lovely and functional conversation piece.
  • Make a bench from an old door: Resuscitate your old door by fashioning it into an indoor or outdoor bench. Places you might consider placing your new bench includes the mudroom, entryway or sunroom. Again, this project may take a little knowledge of carpentry but there are plenty of places online where you can gain this knowledge.

These are just a few ways to repurpose that old chunk of wood and to make room for new doors. So whether you are replacing commercial doors or restroom doors, you too can do your part to recycle and at the same time find a new use for old items. When it does come time to replace the doors of your establishment, look through out site from some truly beautiful, well-crafted wood doors.