4 Ways to Warm your 3 or 4 Season Room During the Winter

Three Season Porch

Part 1

Fall and winter are quickly approaching and many people with 3 or 4 season rooms are wondering how they can remain comfortable in them during the long winter months to come. Read on to learn how you can enjoy your 3 or 4 season room straight through the fall and winter with these supplemental heating systems and warmth-trapping efficiency ideas.

  • Apply a window tinting to block radiant heat from escaping: Window tinting allows sunlight to warm your three season room while trapping in solar energy from the sun. The tint may diminish your view through the windows, but only by a very small amount. Think of the tint as accelerating the greenhouse effect.
  • Install a ceiling fan to push warm air down from the ceiling: Most of us probably remember from science class that cold air falls while hot air rises. A ceiling fan – while not creating heat – will help you take advantage of the heat already present in your three season room. It does so by pushing the warm air that rises back down to the level where you are.
  • Add a source of heat: There are several ways you can add a heat source to your three season room. The first is by purchasing and strategically placing space heaters in your room. Kerosene or propane heaters are relatively inexpensive and work quickly to warm rooms depending on how powerful they are. Further, the two will not add to your electric bill. Another option is to add an electric fireplace to your three season room. This is a clean source of heat that will provide more ambiance than an electric space heater.
  • Add a rug: Much heat is drained away from rooms via the floor, especially when they are tile or hardwood. Adding a thick rug can provide an extra layer of padding and insulation by trapping in heat that would otherwise escape.

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